The purpose of the Kindergarten:

• Provide an affordable yet safe educational environment for the children of the residents of the Kalandia Camp and near-by areas.
• Provide free-of-charge services to those with humanitarian cases.
• Provide a space to merge together marginalized students with special needs with other active students. Kindergarten students with their teachers 96 Kalandia Camp handicraft Cooperative Fifty one year from continuous giving
• Encourage the patriotic upbringing of children through educational programs.
• Provide an educational space that is free-of-charge to the children of the participants at the training sessions aimed at combating poverty.

The Takreem Kindergarten consists of one ground floor which is made up of three corner rooms including: Kindergarten I and II, plus kitchen and utilities. The building has a playground (in need of developing). The playground still requires having it nestled with artificial grass and a canopy that covers above the playground it in order to provide a safer area for the children to play. Since the kindergarten was established, the cooperative has worked on making it a suitable facility for education. The floors of the building were furnished with carpet, the facility connected to a central heating unit, and safe toys were introduced indoors. The workers at the facility are three teachers, one room-service worker, a bus driver and a manager to oversee the curricular and extracurricular programs at the kindergarten and the cooperative. As of 2009-2010, 62 students have been attending the kindergarten all coming from Kalandia Refugee Camp and nearby areas. The cooperative charges 128 NIS (nearly 35 USD a month) which include picking-up and dropping-off students at their homes. The Ministry of Finance has donated the sum of 30 thousand USD to the cooperative for the purpose of renovating and to further develop the kindergarten facility.

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