Supporting Women’s Capacities in the Job Market

The Kalandia Camp Women’s Handicraft Cooperative works towards supporting women’s capacities to enter the productive job market and to start contributing towards development. The Cooperative view a society as responsible through all of its sectors, both public and official, in supporting the roles that a woman plays socially as well as economically at her home and away. The society must recognize a woman’s right to diversify her roles, and must help her perform her double roles as both a mother and a productive member of the society, and must widen her base in the public life as well as the economic life. A society must provide women with wider empowerment through certain steps:

1. Launch intensive media campaigns to shed the light on the important role women play in the social and economic development process, as both a beneficiary and a partner.

2. Grant women the right opportunities to participate directly in the process of decision making and formulation of laws and regulations.

3. Encourage women to join voluntary associations which may be able to allow them participation at various activities, and may encourage their aspirations for employment.

4. Provide education opportunities and encourage females to proceed during them. With regard to the critical role education plays to increase the employment opportunities of women in the job market.

5. Provide child care centers and provide care services at affordable prices for working women.

6. Advocate the implementation of the labor law which gave equal right to men and women in employment and wages. Also, call for new laws that guarantee equal opportunities between genders in profiting work which may require taking firm actions against institutes which still differentiate between genders in employment.

7. Adopt a system for partial use/ part-time employment, in order to facilitate the burden on working women with responsibilities related to home and children.

8. Provide a comprehensive system for gathering information concerning the nature of women’s employment, their specifications, and job structure.

9. Further empower women, strengthen their capacities and enhance their financial situation in the economy: we see the importance of establishing women’s professional formation either as an employee or as someone who seeks employment in order to cast her at further economic activities which are more beneficial and which brings further economic benefits for her, her family and her society. Many of the female workforce today are untrained, unqualified or lack professionalism which may cause to have them dispensed in favor of better qualified individuals and expose them to potential unemployment in light of the new practical approaches to the Palestinian job market. It is easy to integrate women in the education opportunities and vocational and technical training opportunities since the rules and laws allow women what is allowed to men based on women desires and capacities towards employment.

Integrating a woman in education and professional training gives her the right to choose her roles and diversifies her roles. Also, it empowers her economically and allows her to contribute to the job market’s needs. Integration allows a woman to surpass traditional role which have been stigmatizing her most of which are roles that are not consistent with the new aspirations and needs of society. Some of the many important forms of support that the Kalandia Camp Women’s Handicraft Cooperative offer to women is offering facilities and services for a working woman, the mother, and the wife through providing a nursery and a kindergarten for members. The lack of those facilities was once the reason behind quitting one’s job, add to that the lack of other services such as transportation and other home facilities. Reluctance and lagging at work are not part of a female’s psychological creation as some may claim; but rather the response to obstacles which may surround her and make her stand powerless. Finally, follow-up is a must when monitoring rules and regulations which provide for equal rights to both genders in employment, promotion, and handling positions. Following up is a must when attempting to remove all obstacles which may stand in the way of a working woman or a woman seeking to initiate a development project of her own.

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