Takreem Kindergarten

The Takreem Kindergarten In 1981, the residents of the Kalandia Refugee Camp signed a petition letter which calls for starting up a kindergarten in the area. The letter was sent to the PLO which responded back directly with a letter from Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad (Khalil al- Wazir) ordering the Kalandia Camp Women’s Handicraft Cooperative to open up a kindergarten at the refugee camp which will serve the children and their families, especially the children of the martyrs and the prisoners. Accordingly, the Board Members at the Kalandia Camp Cooperative started to gather donations. In 1982, the first building for the kindergarten was erected and it started to receive children from the area of the refugee camp, the nearby areas such as Samira-mise, Kufor Aqab, and the Airport neighborhood.

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