The Sewing Facility

The Kalandia Camp Women’s Handicraft Cooperative hosted a tailor shop that is fully furnished with necessary machines and equipment which used to employ fifty workers. Yet with globalization, and being open to purchasing cheaper products of much lower quality, the facility was forced to shut down its permanent operations, as did most of the workshops in the area, and opens on-demand.

Currently, the facility runs a project to tailor sports pants for the students of the Gaza Strip which was funded by the Ministry of Finance in the value of 78,000 USD. The project is aimed at providing employment opportunities to poor women from refugee camps and villages from the West Bank while at the same time provide the affected families of the Gaza Strip with necessary needs in light of the current catastrophic situation to ease the grip of poverty off the impoverished families.

The project was recommended by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad after he had paid a visit to the cooperative

The Quilting Industrial Factory (Jawadel)

The purpose of establishing Jawadel was to furnish the cooperative with the necessary textile equipment which have a number of benefits such as:
• Allowing the cooperative to realize a major leap forward through penetrating the market with products that are both unique in quality and style.
• Allowing the cooperative to give-up the dependence on Israeli basic materials which are both expensive yet monopolize the market.
• With textile machines, the quality of the products will be enhanced to the point where it becomes comparable to Israeli products or imported products.
• Employing at least 12 workers.
• The creation of such project, it was anticipated, was to provide textiles to major industries such as designers, furniture makers, and others.
• Participating in the advancement prospects of the economy.
• Utilizing the basic materials has a wide array of uses: Textiles are needed to make summer and winter blankets, winter cloths, bags, mattresses, sheet-covers for the cars, sheet-covers for furniture, kitchen gloves...etc.

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